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Systèmes d’extinction d’incendie

GFFM Impulse U

Gas Fire Fighting Modules Impulse U are designed for carbon dioxide (СО2) extinguishment for fire classes A (solid substances), B (liquid substances), C (gaseous substances) and equipment. There are volume and local fire suppressant methods. Application: • storages and depositories; • archives and museums; • gas compressor stations; • warehouses; • industrial facilities. Advantages: • wide range of modules for different objects; • high-quality components, nonstop incoming control; • mass calculation of the fire-fighting agent and hydraulic analysis. Technical Features Modules and batteries are manufactured in different modifications depending on the fire suppressant capacity and objects. • Cylinder volume: 40, 50, 67,5, 80, 100 liters. • Startup modes: electromagnetic, pyrotechnic, pneumatic and manual. • Installation types: without mounting or frame. All the modules are equipped by the mass loss controllers (MLC) to signal the loss of fire-fighting agent over 5%. Modules maximum load with СО2 is 0.7 KG/L. Components for the Impulse U Gas Fire Fighting Systems: • collectors, • high-pressure hoses, • mass loss controller, • pressure alarms, • accessories.

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