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Chimie industrielle

Industrial cleaner FavorCool SB-930

Universal industrial cleaner FavorCool SB- 930a. FavorCool SB- 930a is cleaner and disinfectant for condensing units. Cleaner FavorCool SB- 930a is widely used to clean the air conditioners for industrial and domestic use. Cleans mud plaque and brightens metal oxides. FavorCool SB- 930A: • biodegradable, • non-toxic; • non-acid; • contains metal fatigue inhibitors. FavorCool SB- 930A is authorized and recommended by the USDA. Use: • Any conditioning and ventilation systems, • Cleaning the aluminum and copper surfaces, • Sanitary and antibacterial removing. Cleaner FavorCool SB- 930A is used as bleach. FavorCool SB- 930A is recommended for vaporizers and conditioners as destroyer of bacterial flora in air filters of air-conditioning and mechanical equipment. It removes grease, scum, oxidation. Use methods: 1. SB-930 sprays on the contaminated surface. 2. Concentrate should be absorbed into heavy dirt and stains for at least 5 minutes. 3. FavorCool SB-930a should foam with a soft, dry brush, remove the dirt and clean the surface. 4. It rinses water to remove the foam by a wet rag. Package: • Plastic cans of 3.8 liters (gallon) • Plastic bottles with a vaporizer (atomizer) to 0.5 liters (4 cans in box) • Plastic bottles with a vaporizer (atomizer) to 0.5 liters (12 bottles in box).

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