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Systèmes d’extinction d’incendie

Kitchen local extinguishing system BRAND-KS-20

Local kitchen extinguishing system Brand Kitchen Safe 20 is used for extinguishment of solid substances, oils and fats inflammations at public catering facilities. Fire is extinguished with the fire-fighting composition Prevento®. Protected objects are plate surfaces, roasters, ovens, grills and filters for range hoods. Operation principles The mechanical and electrical detection system starts extinguishment, when flame occurs and the detector temperature reaches maximum figures. In the meantime, the valve of the starting cylinder opens and uses the fire-fighting composition Prevento® at the protected location. Fire Fighting Modules BKS-20 contains 20 kg of fire-fighting substance Prevento®. The system includes key parts: • start-up cylinder with the propellant; • cylinder with extinguishing gas Prevento®; • detection systems; • pipeline and accessories. Local Fire Fighting Systems can be additionally equipped by electrical (BKS-2-20-ЕМ) or mechanical (BKS-2-20-МТ) start-ups. All the modules have the manual starter. Advantages: 7. Efficiency. 8. Safety. Fire-fighting composition Prevento® is non-toxic and decomposes into СО2 and Н2O when exposed to fire. 9. Esthetic. All the system components are made of steel and are located in the polished stainless steel box. 10. Scope of delivery. Upon the customer’s request, the set may contain additional elements. 11. Easy installation and service. 12. Acceptable Price.

Main Technical Features


BKS-2-20 -ЕМ

Start-up mode



Mass of fire-fighting substance Prevento®, kg


Maximum number of accessories, pcs


Maximum square of protected  area, m²


Working pressure at cylinder, bar


Pipeline maximum length, m


Manual start-up


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