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Chimie industrielle


CAS №: 287-92-3 ЕС №: 206-016-6 Molecular formula: C5H10 Other name: Pentamethylene Cyclopentane is colorless liquid with a characteristic odor kerosene is insoluble in water, miscible with organic solvents. Cyclopentane is also contained in the oil. Use: Cyclopentane is used in the manufacture of synthetic resins and rubber adhesives and also as a blowing agent in the manufacture of polyurethane insulating foam, as found in many domestic appliances such as refrigerators and freezers, replacing environmentally damaging alternatives such as CFC-11 and HCFC-141b. Physical properties

Molar mass g/mol 70.1
Melting temperature °C -93.9
Boiled temperature °C 49.3
Flash point °C -37.2
Liquid density, 20°C g/cm3 0.745
Vapor density g/cm3 2.4
Refractive index   1.4065

Quality Standard:

Cyclopentane 95%
Iso-pentane ≤ 0.5%
N-Pentane ≤ 2%
N-hexane ≤ 10PPM
Water ≤ 150PPM

Package: • Steel drum, 125 kg; • Isotank.

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