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Industrial chemistry

Grease Buster

  • Dissolves fats, oils, greasy soils and food wastes
  • Deep-cleaning, super-cling foam quickly penetrates and provides prolonged contact time
  • Leaves a residue-freesurface
  • Multi-surface safe; use on stainless steel, ceramic tile, terrazzo, tables, equipment, walls, etc.
  • Recognized by the EPA’s DfE program


Powerful – dissolves fats, oils, greasy soils and food wastes.

Fast – provides a deep-cleaning, quickly penetrating porous surfaces and attacking greasy, slippery films.

Safe – multi-surface safe, non-caustic, neutral PH, odor-free, NSF approved.

Product specifications:

  • Appearance: amber liquid;
  • PH: neutral;
  • Flash point: none.
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