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Refrigerant 245fa (Pentafluoropropane)

CAS №: 460-73-1

Synonyms: R-245fa; HFC-245fa; Enovate 3000; Genetron 245fa; 1,1,1,3,3-Pentafluoropropane; MACKFRI – 245FA.

Molecular formula: C3H3F5

Refrigerant 245fa is a single component fluid. HFC-245fa is also known as pentafluoropropane and by its chemical name 1,1,1,3,3,-pentafluoropropane. Unlike CFC and HCFC blowing agents formerly used for this purpose, it has no ozone depletion potential and is nearly non-toxic. Although it is intended to remain trapped within the foam insulation, it is practically non biodegradable with a lifetime of 7.2 years. It has a high middle warming potential of 950 and ozone depletion potential is 0.


• Maximizes ORC cycle efficiency and system economics;

• Non-flammable;

• Favorable toxicological profile.


• Rankine cycle applications for waste heat recovery.

• Centrifugal Chillers for process and comfort cooling.

• Heat transfer applications, including secondary loops in commercial refrigeration.

• Heat pipes and thermosiphons, including electronics cooling.

• Cool storage equipment.

Physical Properties:

Molar mass g/mol 134,05
Boiling Point  °C 15,3
Freezing Point  °C -107
Critical Temperature °C 154.01
Solubility in water g/l 7.18
Critical Pressure Bar 36,51
Liquid Density, -7 ˚С kg/m3 1338.54
Vapor Density kg/m3 5,84
GWP   1030
ODP   0


• steel cylinders,

• drums/FCL,

• ISO Tank.

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