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Refrigerant 407F

Freon 407F (or Genetron® Performax™ LT by Honeywell) is ozone-friendly replacement for R- 22 in new residential and commercial systems, stationary cold air (mainly small and medium size), heat pumps and cooling systems, as well as for retrofitting R- 22 in existing equipment. Characteristics are close to the R- 22 used by most manufacturers. R-407f provides easy service, for example, refueling system can be performed after each leak, safe and convenient (A1/A1 security classification ASHRAE). HFC refrigerant doesn’t deplete the ozone layer. R407F is a mixture of R32, R125 and R134a, that refers to the R407C. But it has a pressure that best fits R22, R404A and R507. Although, R407F was originally intended as a replacement for Halon R22. Now R-407F is efficient used in supermarkets, where its lowest global warming potential (GWP = 1800) makes it an alternative to Halon R404A (GWP = 3900). R407F is based on the same molecule and has the same composition as the Freon R407C.


Refrigerant 407f is well-suited as a replacement for R-22 in low- and medium-temperature commercial refrigeration applications such as

  • Supermarket freezer cases,
  • Display cases,
  • Reach-in coolers;
  • Transport refrigeration;
  • Ice machines.

Chemical formula: CH2F2, CHF2CF3, CH2FCF3

Difluoromethane (HFC-32) 75-10-5 30
Pentafluoroethane (HFC-125) 354-33-6 30
1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane (HFC-134a) 811-97-2 40

Physical properties:

Molar mass g/mol 82.1
Boiling Point  °C -46
Dew point temperature °C -39.7
Bubble point pressure KPa 1311
Dew point pressure KPa 1144
Critical temperature 0C 82.6
Critical density Kg/m3 477.37
Critical pressure KPa 4254
Vapor density Kg/m3 4.465
Liquid density Kg/m3 1117
Liquid heat capacity KJ/kg*K 1.57
Vapor heat capacity KJ/kg*K 1.18
Liquid thermal conductivity mW/m*0K 89.71
Vapor thermal conductivity mW/m*0K 14.51
Heat of vaporization KJ/kg 257.21
Liquid viscosity Pa*sec 143.99
Vapor viscosity Pa*sec 13.2
ODP   0
GWP   1800

Quality Standard:

Assay (HFC-32/125/134a), % 99,7
Moisture, % < 0.001
Non-volatile residue, % < 0.01
Chloride, % < 0.0001
Total acidity, mg KOH/gm < 0.0015
Non-condensables in vapor phase, % < 1.5

Package and Storage:

  • steel cylinder 11,3 kg;
  • ISO tank.
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