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Refrigerant 600a (Isobutane)

CAS №: 75-28-5

EC №: 200-857-2

Synonyms: Isobutane, Methylpropane, Freon 600a; R-600a; Halon 600a; Refrigerant 600a.

Molecular formula: C4H10

R600a is the common name for high purity isobutane (C4H10) suitable for use in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. It is also known as CARE® 10. The product typically is at least 99.5% pure with minimal levels of critical impurities including moisture and unsaturated hydrocarbons. This makes it ideal for use in all types of refrigeration systems.

R-600a advantages:

• Zero ozone depletion potential.

• Very low global warming potential (<4).

• High thermodynamic properties leading to high energy efficiency.

• Good compatibility with components.

• Low charges allowing smaller heat exchangers and piping dimensions.


R600a has a number of applications. It is most suited to high and medium temperature applications. The most common applications are using in domestic refrigeration (refrigerators and freezers). Other applications include small display cabinets and vending machines. Isobutane is also used as a propellant for aerosol cans and foam products.

Physical Properties:

Molar mass g/mol 58.12
Boiling Point  °C -11.80
Melting Point  °C -159.6
Critical temperature  °C 134.98
Flash point °C -83
Vapor Pressure kPa 204.8
Critical presser MPa 3.66
Density, 250С g/cm3 0.551
Critical density g/cm3 0.221
Specific heat capacity J/K*mol 96.65
Solubility in water g/l 0.024-0.061
Explosive limits % 1.4-8.3
GWP   4
ODP   0

Typical specifications:

Purity, % ≥ 97.5
Moisture, ppm ≤ 10


R600a has some different chemical properties than fluorocarbon refrigerants. The primary difference is its classification as extremely flammable. Therefore the handling and use of R600a requires adequate safety measures. This is especially true if a system is being considered for retrofitting – replacing a non-flammable fluorocarbon refrigerant with R600a.

Standard Packaging:

• steel cylinder 5 kg,

• steel container 926 l,

• ISO tank.  

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