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Industrial chemistry

Refrigerant R-141b

Other names: Dichlorofluoroethane; R-141b; HCFC-141b

CAS №: 1717-00-6

Molecular formula: C2H3Cl2F

Refrigerant R-141b is an easy boiling colorless liquid with a light odor. Physical and chemical properties of Freon R-141b close to those of R-11, R-113. R141b often uses in deferent equipment and hardware, where the previously used R-11 and R-113. Before using refrigerant R-141b, you must ensure that it is compatible with all rubber (plastic) materials that are appropriate equipment.


• Propellant

• Foam agent

• Solvent

• Rinse agent

• The coolant for conditioners and heat pumps

Physical properties

Molecular weight  g/mol 116.9
Boiling point °C 32.1
Melting point °C -103.5
Critical temperature °C 210.2
Critical pressure MPa 4.64
Density g/cm3 1.25
Critical density g/cm3 1.227
Vapor pressure,25°C MPa 0.079
Solubility in water g/L 4
ODP   0.11
QWP   0.09

Quality standard

Appearance Colorless, no turbid
Odor Odorless
Purity, % 99.8
Water, % 0.005
Acidity, % 0.0001
Residue on evaporation, % 0.01


• Steel cylinder, 13,6 kg,

• Steel drum, 200 kg,

• Isotank.

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