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Fire fighting agents

Refrigerant-125 (Pentafluoroethane)

Synonyms: 1,1,1,2,2-Pentafluoroethane (IUPAC); R-125; Fc-125; Hydrofluorocarbon 125; ECARO-25; FE-25; NAFS 125.

CAS No.: 354-33-6

EC No: 206-557-8

Molecular Formula: C2HF5

HFC-125 is a colorless and transparent liquid at room temperature.

Physical Properties:

Molar mass g/mol 120.02
Boiling Point  °C -48.05
Melting Point °C -103
Critical Pressure MPa 3.592
Density g/cm3 1.53
Liquid Density g/cm3 1.245
Heat capacity Kj/kg 1.26
ODP   0
GWP   0.84


1. R-125 is widely used as alternative to refrigerant R-502, HCF-22. HFC-125 is mainly used as the azeotrope blend refrigerant component such as R-404a, R-407a, R-407b, R-407c, R-407d, R-410a and R410b. HFC- 125 has ODP with zero.

2. HFC-125 is also used in clean agent fire suppression system. It’s used in enclosed space with situations where the fire sprinkler water can damage expensive equipment. Where water-based fire protection is impractical, such as museums, banks, clean rooms and hospitals. It is alternative for CFC-502, Halon-1211 and Halon-1301.


Appearance Colorless and transparent
Odor Odorless
Purity, % 99.8
Moisture, % 0.001
Acidity, % 0.0001
Vapor Residue, % 0.01

Package and Storage:

• steel cylinder, 17.6 KG,

• steel drums, 870 kg,

• ISO tank.

It should be kept away from sunlight and rain during shipping.

HFC-125 should be stored in cool, dry and ventilated place.

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