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Fire fighting agents

Refrigerant 23 (Trifluoromethane)

Synonyms: Trifluoromethane; R-23; Hydrofluorocarbon 23; HFC23; Fluoroform.

CAS No.: 75-46-7

EC No.: 200-872-4

Molecular Formula: CHF3

Physical Properties:

Molar mass g/mol 70,01
Boiling Point  °C -82.1
Melting Point °C -155.2
Vapor Pressure MPa 4.38
Density kg/m3 2.946
Solubility in water g/L 1
Solubility in organic solvents   Soluble
ODP   0
GWP   12000


1) HFC-23 is used as refrigerant, sometimes as a replacement for CFC-13.

2) It’s used in semiconductor industry, in plasma etching of silicon oxide and silicon nitride.

3) It’s used as a total flooding fire extinguishing agent.

4) It’s used in very low temperature refrigeration systems, typically on the low stage of multi-stage systems. R-23 has properties similar to R-13 and can be used as replacement R-13 in existing systems. R-23 has higher discharge temperatures than R-13, that’s why this gas should be used to equipments without temperature working limits. Polyester (POE) lubricants should be used to charge hydrocarbon oil additives to ensure proper oil return.

Quality standards:

HFC-23 purity, % 99.5.
Moisture 10 ppm
Non-volatile residues, % 0.001
Acidity 1 ppm
Odor Odorless
NAG (Vol.), % 1.5
Appearance colorless and transparent

Standard Packaging:

• steel cylinder, 9 kg;

• steel cylinder, 30 kg;

• Isotank.

Risks and Safety Information

HFC-23 is regulated by UN as non-flammable, compressed gas. Green house gas with GWP 12000.

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