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Ion-exchange resins

Cation PC003NS

Cation exchange resins is reticulated synthetic polymers, exchangeable cations in water and organic solutions of electrolytes. Cation is a macromolecular compound resin gel and macroporous three-dimensional structure containing acidic functional groups capable of cation exchange reactions. In a cation-exchange resin all the sites are negatively charged, so that only positive ions can be separated. Cation exchange resin PC003NS is a premium grade, high exchange capacity. It is often used for domestic and industrial equipment. Cation removes calcium and magnesium ions and replaces them with sodium ions.


• Water softening

• Water purification

• Production of high purity water

• Ion-exchange in metal separation

• Catalysis

• Juice purification

• Sugar manufacturing

• Pharmaceuticals

Type Strong Acid
Ionic Form Na+
Moisture, % 43-48
Volume Capacity, mmol/ml ≥2.0
Shipping Weight,  g/ml 0.79-0.86
Particle Size, mm 0.315-1.25


( Notes: Other particle size range is also available, such as uniform particle size, fine mesh ect.)

Gel type, no-solvent SAC, for potable water softening.


(Other manufacturers analogs)

no analogs
CAS No.: 11113-61-4
Package details

20 -25 kg bags,

1000 kg bigbags

Minimum Order 10 Metric Tons
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