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Industrial chemistry

Laundry Liquid Detergent

  • Highly concentrated deep cleaning formula.
  • Superior soil removal and fabric care.
  • Either top or front loading machines.
  • Safe using all-natural ingredients.

Formulated to contain new advances in cleaning technology to provide a deep cleaning formula. Dissolves tough, oily soils and prevents re-depositing back onto the fabric. Dissolves in the wash water permitting quicker, more effective cleaning in all temperatures. Highly concentrated formulation allowing for superior cleaning even when diluted down to 1:500 (10ml per 5L). Ideal for customers who may be sensitive or allergic to conventional detergents. DO NOT MIX WITH OTHER CHEMICALS. Sort washable clothing, separating dark colors from light colors and whites. Wash heavily-soiled items separately from lightly-soiled items in order to avoid soil transfer. Heavily-soiled areas should be pre-treated prior to washing. Do not overload washer with soiled laundry. Select the appropriate temperature settings. Always refer to garment care labels for specific instructions. Top-Loading Machines: Start washer and add Beyond Green Cleaning™ Laundry – Liquid Detergent measuring the appropriate amount of detergent. Use 60ml to 120ml of detergent depending on degree of soil. Add detergent to the washing machine and add clothes to be washed. Front-Loading Machines: Add clothes to washing machine and add Beyond Green Cleaning™ Laundry – Liquid Detergent. Measure the appropriate amount of detergent using 30ml to 60ml depending on degree of soil. Start washer. Hard water or washing in cold water may require more detergent. To remove really tough stains, pre-soak fabric with a solution of Beyond Green Cleaning Laundry – Liquid Detergent before washing. For extremely soiled clothing, an extra wash cycle may also be necessary. Beyond Green Cleaning Laundry – Liquid Detergent is packed – 750ml, 5L, 20L

Product specifications:

  • pH: Neutral
  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Color: Clear
  • Flash Point: None
  • Fragrance: None
  • Shelf-Stability: One year
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