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Fire suppression Systems

Small-size GFFM Impulse-FD

Gas Fire-fighting Modules Impulse-FD are designed for fire suppression with the gas extinguishers ( Freon 125 and Freon 227ea ) fire classes A, B , C and electrical equipment. Main feature of this system is using fire detecting sensitive tube Fire DeTec ®(made by Rotarex, Switzerland), which is made from high-tech polymer. It allows high flexibility, resistance and long life. Fire DeTec ® tube is constantly under pressure. Polymer is melted in the fire place and starts up the extinguishing agent. After that the valve of the shutter-starting device opens and disperses fire-fighting gas. Depending on the type of system, the extinguishing gas is produced through the Fire DeTec tube ( for systems Impulse -FD-DLP) or through the distribution pipe (for systems Impulse -FD-ILP and Impulse -FD-ILP- EM) . Modules Pulse -FD-ILP- EM is also equipped with an electromagnetic activator for control of extinguishing agent startup. All modules can be fitted with a pressure switch to signal the pressure fall in the module.


• Production equipment;

• Server and telecommunication cabinets;

• Medical Equipment;

• Power cabinets and mounting decks;

• Motor Transport Branch;

• Cable TV.


• liner type of fire detection ;

• rapid reaction;

• hour readiness;

• ergonomics;

• easy installation and maintenance;

• no false alarms in case of failure warning system;

• used at all types of objects;

• does not react to vibration.

Impulse-FD specification DLP ILP ILP-EM
Model range 2-FD-DLP 5-FD-DLP 2-FD-ILP 5-FD-ILP 2-ILP-EM 5-ILP-EM
Capacity module 2 ±0,2 5±0,3 2 ±0,2 5±0,3  2 ±0,2    5±0,3
Maximum weight of R-125, kg 1.9 4.5 1.9 4.5    1.9     4.5
Maximum weight of R-227ea, kg 2.1 5.5 2.1 5.5    2.1     5.5
The maximum length of the heat-sensitive tube, m 5 7 10 10 10 10
Maximum pipe length, m 6 8 6 8
Maximum number of nozzles, pcs 4 6 4 6

Parameters of the electromagnetic activator

DC voltage, V from 20 to30
Operating power current, A 0,25 ± 10%
Start impulse duration, s 1
Current control , A not more, 0.01 A
Time control, minutes Unlimited…

Modules fire Impulse -FD-ILP modules are fully autonomous system. If the temperature in the sensitive tube is up to 110 ° C  the pressure in the chamber falls, valve opens and the extinguishing agent ( Freon 125, Freon 227ea ) starts up. Modules can be fitted with a pressure gauge pressure switch for signal actuation module. Cylinders are made of stainless steel of 2 and 5 liters.

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