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Fire suppression Systems

Small-size GFFM Impulse 2-20 series

Small-Size Gas Fire Fighting Modules (Impulse-2, Impulse-20, Impulse-2-Т, Impulse-20-Т) are designed for fire-fighting gas compositions HFC 125, HFC 227ea, FK-5-1-12. It is maximum efficient for fire extinguishment class A (solid substances), B (liquid substances), C (gas substances) fires.

Startup types:

• Automatic startup is activated by electrical impulse from the fire-detecting device to the electromechanical activator;

• Autonomous startup is activated by destruction of the thermally sensitive bottle when temperature exceeds 68ºC.


• service centers and data processing centers;

• storages and depositories;

• mobile communication stations and telecommunications equipment;

• archives;

• gas compressor stations;

• automobile showrooms;

• warehouses with expensive facilities;

• pharmaceutics objects and especially pure manufacturing.


• The wall or ceiling equipment installation allows to use area optimally. For example, equipment can be installed in niches, under floor and false ceiling;

• Module allows completely to use the fire extinguishing agent;

• 2 startup types: automatic (the signal from fire alarm control panel) and autonomous ( thermally sensitive bottle breaks at 68 0C temperature);

• Easy installation and maintenance;

• Minimal start inactivity (less than 1s);

• Dispersion time of extinguishing agent is up to 7 seconds, which allows to create the necessary fire extinguishing concentration in the short term;

• Extinguishing agent is dispersed in all areas of a sprinkler system regardless of the Impulse-2, Impulse-20 installation place.

Technical features Name of Features Impulse-2, Impulse-2-Т Impulse-20, Impulse-20-Т
Capacity of the module, L 2.2±0.2 22.5±0.5
Pressure in the module at 20ºС±2ºС, bar 25±2 25±2
Rated module  pressure, bar 50 50
Testing  module pressure, bar 71.0±0.5 71.0±0.5
Operating pressure of the safety diaphragm, bar  5±50  5±50
Actuation period of electric startup modules, s 2.0 2.0
Emission of gas fire-fighting compositions, s 10 10
Module design mass, kg 12 12
Dimensions (width /  height / diameter), mm 220 / 315 / 185 380  / 490 / 360
Temperature range of exploitation, оС from – 20

to + 50

from – 20

to + 50

Protected module capacity,  m3 Up to 3.5 Up to 36
Maximum load of clean agent  HFC -125 and

HFC -227ea, kg

1.9 kg

2.1 kg

19.0 kgs

21.0 kgs

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