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Industrial chemistry


CAS №: 74-99-7, 463-49-0

Molecular formula: C3H4

Other name: methylacetylene and propadiene

MAPP gas is a fuel gas based on a stabilized mixture of methylacetylene (propyne) and propadiene. The name comes from the original chemical composition: methylacetylene-propadienepropane. A typical composition for MAPP gas might be: methylacetylene (propyne) 48%, propadiene 23%, propane 27%. MAPP gas is widely regarded as a safer and easier-to-use substitute for acetylene.


MAPP gas provides a flame that is hot enough for brazing and metalling, but the gas is much more stable and safer to use than acetylene. Burning propane does not produce enough heat to weld stronger metals, but MAPP gas burns about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than propane.

MAPP gas is mainly used for:

• Welding

• Brazing

• Soldering

Physical properties:

Molar mass g/mol 40.1
Burning temperature °C 3150
Boiling point °C -36
Heat in the primary flame kJ/m3 15.445
Density kg/m3 1.173
Burning time h 3
Concentration limits % 3.4-10.8
The energy intensity kW/kg 1.357

1. The full burning time is nearly 3 hours.

2. Scientific blend proportion guarantees good welding result and shorten working time.

3. Cylinder: diameter – 75mm, high – 267mm, gross weight – 980g, convenient for holding and taking.

Package and Delivery:

• 453.6gm per cylinder,

• 12 cylinders/carton box,

• 17004 cylinders/ 20ft container.

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