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Fire suppression Systems

Compact fire-suppression system Impulse – M30-M100

An autonomous super compact fire-suppression system of local application “Impulse – M30-M60» .

Operating principal: Autonomous gas fire suppression system “Impulse Micro” attached with adhesive tape on the top cover of cabinet, or electric case. When fire and the temperature rises above 57°C thermosensitive bulb locking and starting valves destroyed, the valve is opened and the extinguishing agent under its own pressure is released from the system and fills the volume of the protected shield (cabinet), creating a fire extinguishing concentration. Gauge indicates system pressure, which is at a temperature of 20 ° C should be 12 bar. Pressure drops below 12 bar at 20 ° C indicates a leak extinguishing agent from the system and the need for revision of the corrective action.

The lack of pressure in the system and a lack of temperature-sensitive bulb indicates the system operation – in this case the system must be sent to the manufacturer and determine the cause of leakage. The adapter is designed to gauge the possibility of replacing the pressure gauge and prevents the extinguishing agent from the system by unscrewing the pressure gauge.

 Benefits :

  • Unsurpassed compactness and full autonomy.
  • Systems of detection and activation does not require a connection to the power supply.
  • The reliability and simplicity. Ready-to-use 24/7
  • Extinguishes volume amounts of from 30 to 100 liters.
  • Safe for humans extinguishing agent – Halocarbon 125 – does not give off toxic combustion products
  • Affordable price 
  • Does not require professional installation and design.
  • The warranty period for the product is 24 months from the date of recharging the system.


Configuration :

Capacity charged with 125 (HFC- 125 ), stop- start device with high-speed thermosensitive bulb type, pressure indicator, sticky mount, label, passport and manual, carton box.


Technical features of Compact fire-suppression system Impulse-Micro:

Operating temperature  -20 ° to + 50 ° C 
Fire-fighting class A and B
 The protectable volume  from 30 up to 100 liters ( 0.03 – 0.1 m3)

Working pressure

12 bar

Activating temperature

57 ± 2 ° C

Critical pressure

50 bar

Timing delay for a start

not more than 20 seconds

Time to reach extinguish concentration

5 seconds
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