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Industrial chemistry


Other name: Pentane, Skellysolve A, Hydrocarbons, C5-rich, Pentanen, Pentani, Tetrafume, Tetrakil.

CAS №: 109-66-0

Molecular formula:C5H12

N-Pentane is a pentane isomer with straight chain normal structure. It is a clear, colorless solution with a mild and gasoline-like odor. N-pentane is a low-boiling solvent, which greatly increases the safety demands to work with it.

N-pentane is often used to produce:

• lighter fluid,

• blowtorch fuels,

• petroleum products,

• propellants.

N-pentane can be used as a foaming and desorption agent.

Physical properties

Molecular weight g/mol 72.15
Critical temperature °C 196.62
Melting point °C -129.72
Boiled temperature °C 36.07
Flammable point °C -49.2
Critical pressure MPa 3.375
Density, 250С g/cm3 0.62
Liquid density, 20°C g/cm3 0.6260
Specific heat capacity J/K*mol 167.19
Octane (MI)   61.7
Octane (MM)   61.9


• Steel drum, 125 kg;

• Isotank.

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