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Industrial chemistry

Paint stripper


Paint stripper has twice the coverage of other competitors’ safe strippers. It results in significantly less waste than caustic strippers reducing disposal costs. Conventional paint stripper are based mostly on sodium hydroxide, commonly know as lye or caustic soda. Small amounts of sodium hydroxide can cause eye damage and skin burns. Other contain harsh solvents that have been implicated as a cause of cancer and birth defects. Most conventional paint strippers are caustic and work by melting the paint. The active ingredient is methylene chloride and is a potential carcinogen. Enviro Paint Stripper is biodegradable, non-flammable and contains. It is odor-free and can be easily rinsed with water. It effectively replaces acetone, MEK, Methylene chloride, toluene, petroleum distillates, mineral spirits.


  • A unique bio-based, safe paint remover.
  • Works quickly and effectively to remove a variety of paints from a variety of surfaces.
  • Offers a safe, industrial strength, easy to use alternative to harsh solvents and caustics.
  • Easy to apply, easy to remove and clean up.
  • Removes most varieties of paints which are oil or water based, including latex, enamels and clear paints.
  • Can be applied on a multitude of interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Biodegradable, non-flammable and water-based.


  • Non toxic, non-carcinogenic.
  • Low VOC.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Neutral pH.
  • No odor.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Water-based.
  • Does not burn skin.
  • Reduces man-hours.
  • Reduces volume of waste disposal.

Product specifications:

  • pH: 7
  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Color: Clear
  • Fragrance: None
  • Shelf Life: One year
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