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Industrial chemistry


Other names: Perchloroethene; tetrachloroethene; Perc; PCE

CAS №: 127-18-4

EC №: 204-825-9

Molecular formula C2Cl4

Tetrachloroethylene, also known under the systematic name tetrachloroethene or perchloroethylene (“perc” or “PERC”), and many other names, is a chlorocarbon with the formula Cl2C=CCl2. It is a colorless liquid widely used for dry cleaning of fabrics, hence it is sometimes called “dry-cleaning fluid.” It has a sweet odor.


It is mainly used as organic solvent, dry cleaner and metal degreaser. It can be applied to all kinds of nature and synthetic fabrics as a dry cleaner and the fabric will be soft, glossy. It can also be used as the raw material for HCFC-123, HCFC-124, HCFC-125, HCFC-134a etc.

Other areas of application:

• degreasing metals in mechanical engineering, instrument,

• for machining printed circuit boards,

• in the production of medical needles

• in the wood industry,

• in the production of reactive dyes.

Physical properties

Molecular weight g /mol 165.28
Density g/cm3 1.622
Viscosity, at 25 °C cP 0.89
Solubility in water, at 20 °C Mg/100 ml 0.015
Melting point °C -19
Boiling point °C 121.1
Сritical temperature °C 340
Vapor pressure kPa 1.86
Critical pressure Atm 44.3
Specific heat capacity J/mol·K 858
Enthalpy of formation kJ/mol -54.1
Enthalpy of boiling kJ/mol 34.7

Package and Delivery:

• galvanized steel drums, 200L;

• 20′ FCL, 24tons.

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