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Industrial chemistry

Industrial cleaner FavorCool SB-910

FavorCOOL SB- 910 is cleaner and disinfectant for condensing units. Cleaner FavorCOOL SB- 910 is widely used to clean the air conditioners units, metal surfaces and oxidant. Cleaner SB-910 can be used for industrial and domestic applications.


• cleaning evaporator coils,

• cleaning air filters,

• cleaning metal, copper and aluminum surfaces,

• removing grease and oxidation.

FavorCool SB-910 advantages:

• Environmental safe,

• Non-Acid, Non-Toxic,

• Non-Caustic, Self-Rinsing,

• Contains Metal Fatigue Inhibitors FavorCool SB- 910 is authorized and recommended by the USDA.


• Plastic cans of 3.8 liters (gallon)

• Plastic bottles with a vaporizer (atomizer) to 0.5 liters (4 cans in box)

• Plastic bottles with a vaporizer (atomizer) to 0.5 liters (12 bottles in box).

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