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Ion-exchange resins

Pure mix bed PMB104

Mixed ion exchange resin PMB104 is a ready mixture of ion exchangers, which is effectively used in mixed action. PMB104 is a mixture of ion-exchange resins in a ratio of strong acid cation – 40% and strong base anion – 60%. Mixed ion exchange resin PMB104 is used in the manufacture of high purity demineralised water free from silicon.


• softening and demineralization of drinking and industrial water;

• neutralization of alkali;

• for the extraction of metals and other substances;

1000 kg bigbags


Type PC003H/PA104OH, Volume Ratio 2:3
Ionic Form  99%H+,90%OH-
Shipping Weight, g/ml 0.70-0.78
Particle Size, mm 0.315-1.25
Comments (Notes: The conductivity of the above mixed bed are all less than 0.1μs, the resistivity can reach 10 megohms, 15megohms and 18megohms. Regenerable and non regenerable mixed bed are both available) Mixed bed of highly regenerated hydrogen form cation and hydroxide form Type Ⅱ anion, low amine throw.
PRODUCTS (Other manufacturers analogs) no analog
CAS No.: 11113-61-4
Package details: 20 -25 kg bags,
1000 kg, big bag
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