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Industrial chemistry

Surface Cleaner


 Product Features
  • Replaces granular absorbents, socks, pads and caustic degreasers
  • Easily applied with mops, auto floor scrubbers and degreasing equipment
  • Non-toxic, non-pathogenic and is completely harmless to human, plant, animal and marine life
  • Produces a super-cling foam for quick, initial penetration and prolonged contact time
  • Listed on the EPA’s national contingency plan product schedule as a bioremediation agent


Bioremediation is the application of biological microbes for the clean-up of hazardous oil spills resulting in a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution. Bioremediation uses microbes, enzymes, oxygen and other nutrients to chemically transform oil into carbon dioxide and water. BioRem-2000 Surface Cleaner increases the surface area of the oil while the enzymes break down the contaminants into smaller molecules. The enzymes then attract the microbes and consume the oil leaving only water and carbon dioxide as by-products. Once the reaction is complete, the enzymes break free to attach to another hydrocarbon source in order to repeat the same reaction. BioRem-2000 Surface Cleaner has a pH of 7 and does not have any odor or contain any corrosives or butyls.

It prevents slip-and-fall accidents, which are 30 percent of all workplace accidents, by removing the oily film and leaving surfaces dry and oil-free. BioRem-2000 Surface Cleaner significantly reduces the ability of flammable hydrocarbons to ignite, eliminating the VOC’s and LEL’s which are inert on contact. It is applicable for Mopping, Auto Floor Scrubber, Degreasing, Oil/Water Separators, Soil Remediation, Fuel Remediation. Excellent rinseability, dries quickly and removes all oily, slick film leaving a non-slip surface.

NSF-approved A-1, A-4 class; biodegradable with a pH of 7. Safe to use on any water-safe surface, including metal, concrete, plastic and rubber. Disposable in waste sewer drains whether or not facilities are private or public municipal pre-treatment plants. Listed on the EPA’s National Contingency Plan as a bioremediation agent. Non-toxic, non-pathogenic and is completely harmless to human, plant, animal and marine life. Compatible with oil/water separators, skimming units, evaporators, polymers and more. 5 Gallon drum.

  Product specifications:

Appearance: clear liquid;

PH: neutral;

Flash point: none.

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