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Industrial chemistry

Total Surface Care

Total Surface Care is a fragrance-free, multi-purpose cleaner with a high cleaning performance. Provides rapid drying and a superior, streak-free cleaning to remove dirt and smoke film from a variety of surfaces. Highly-dilutable formula applied with a mop, auto scrubber or spray-and-wipe cleaning. Nano-Natural Technology is the use of extremely small molecular structures and all-natural ingredients. One nanometer (nm) equals one ten-thousandth of the thickness of a human hair. Nano-Natural Technology involves Active-Nanoids which dissolve and remove soil from any surface without using chemicals. Total Surface Care breaks down soil and stains into microscopic particles that disperse in water and repel one another. The particles are then easy to remove and less likely to re-adhere to the cleaned surfaces. The molecular structure of these particles is so small they can forcefully penetrate molecules of daunting stains and soil for quick and easily removal.

Powerful – Multi-purpose cleaner based on Nano-Natural Technology.

Versatile – Quickly penetrates and dissolves both dry and greasy soils on any water-safe surface – even glass.

Effective – Pleasant to use and leaves cleaned surfaces and surrounding areas smelling naturally-clean.

Safe – Bio-based using only 100% all-natural ingredients.

 Product specifications:

  • Appearance: clear liquid;
  • PH: neutral;
  • Flash point: none.
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